Everyday Services that we undertake for domestic clients include:

  • Structural surveys
  • Design extensions and alterations to existing structures
  • Structural surveys for conversion projects
  • Planning approval and building regulations consent
  • Party wall agreements
  • Monitor cracks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Propose and design remedial works

Structural surveys

Buying or selling a house can be one of the most stressful things in life, especially if structural faults become apparent. Maltech carry out structural surveys and advise on the implementation of remedial works where necessary; which have led to successful sales and reassured purchasers.

Design extensions and alterations to existing structures

With many clients looking to refurbish or extend their property, Maltech have successfully designed extensions, loft conversions and below basement excavations; preparing drawings and calculations suitable for both construction and submission to Building Control.

As an example of what is involved this is the case history of one of our projects:

A couple were looking for a retirement property. They enlisted Maltech’s services in the buying process and eventually bought a bungalow which is ideally located on the edge of the North York Moors.

It was a well constructed sound building but smaller than they needed so the couple asked Maltech to help them make the bungalow into their perfect home.

In order to achieve this the following procedures were carried out:

  • Maltech discussed the couple’s requirements at their new home;
  • Maltech drew up existing and proposal drawings to the clients’ satisfaction;
  • Maltech liaised with the planning authority before formally submitting the plans;
  • Maltech submitted the plans to the planning authority and monitored its progress through the planning system;
  • Maltech took the designs further and added construction information to produce drawings suitable for estimates and for Building Control submission – Maltech keep abreast of all the current Building Regulations and were able to advise the clients on how best to meet them;
  • Maltech submitted drawings and calculations to Building Control;
  • Maltech were on hand to help with any problems found during the building process.

Structural surveys for conversion projects

Located in rural North Yorkshire, we are seeing an increase in the number of requests to undertake condition surveys for redundant barns and derelict farm buildings, which clients are seeking to convert. Such surveys indicate a building’s suitability for retention and conversion and are a requirement of planning applications.

Do you need to obtain planning approval and Building Regulations Consent?

Certain works to domestic properties will require planning approval and building regulations consent. Maltech can advise on whether these are required and make the necessary applications on your behalf.

What is a Party Wall Agreement?

Sometimes work is proposed which affect a shared wall to a property.
To avoid potential problems and neighbour disputes, a part wall agreement is required, which Maltech undertake for you.

Monitor cracks

Another big concern for householders is cracking, which Maltech can monitor with tell tales over a period of time. Depending on whether there is further movement or not, Maltech can advise on remedial works to resolve the problem.


Structural damage is sometimes caused by defective underground drainage. Where this is a potential source of problem, Maltech can commission drain surveys, analyse their findings and make any necessary recommendation.

Propose and design remedial works like underpinning or strengthening

So what if you do have a structural problem; Maltech will advise you on the most practical and cost effective solution, undertake necessary designs and project manage the remedial works, liaising with the contractor for you.

What do you need to do?

Contact us on 07742 737775 to discuss your requirements and extent of work required.
maltech will then provide you with a fee quotation for your acceptance, prior to commencing any work.